Luo elders to conduct special rituals and burial for Osprey bird that flew to Siaya from Finland

Luo elders to conduct rituals and burial for bird Osprey
Bird Osprey |Photo: Courtesy

Luo elders are set to conduct special rituals and burial for Osprey bird that flew all the way from Finland to Siaya. The death of the Osprey under the hands of KWS due to starvation has caused grief in the entire Yimbo clan in Siaya. We arrived at the lonely village engulfed by grief as elders from Yimbo clan are planning special rituals and befitting burial for the bird. The elders have now asked the government to allow them carry out special rituals and burial for Osprey bird to cast away any bad omen that may befell the community.

The elder’s chairman Mzee Thomas Achando could not hide his grief, a reflection of the somber mood that has engulfed the entire village. The elders are mourning, women wailing, and the children are marred in confusion unable to discern what’s happening, but they join their mothers in wailing nonetheless.
Mzee Thomas Achando passionate plea to Raila Odinga is to intercede on their behalf to let the government allow them give Osprey a befitting sendoff. Achando says culturally, such a rare incident may either bring bring blessing or curse to the community, and requires the elders to appease the spirits of the dead bird.

Mzee Achando blamed the government for laxity, saying the bird should have been taken to Kenyatta National Hospital for specialized treatment . Achando’s sentiments are backed by Luo Council of elders Bondo branch Chairman Mzee Odida Bwoga who likened bird Ospery to the infamous Omieri snake from Nyakach clan that he said brought good fortunes to the community.

A committee of elders comprising of council of elders from Bondo, Siaya and Kisumu have been meeting to consult on the best way for rituals and burial for Osprey bird. The ritual rights according to Mzee Achando will involve slaughtering 100 chickens and putting their heads and on the grave of bird Osprey. The rest are to be eaten by the elders while women are not supposed to eat anything. Mzee Achando says this according to the Luo culture will cast away any bad omen that may befell the Luo people. Dignitaries led by ODM leader Raila Odinga have been invited for bird Osprey burial.

Bird osprey flew a mind-boggling 7000 kilometers from Finland to Siaya and was rescued by Mzee Walter Tande–a fisherman at the shores of Lake Victoria. Mzee Tande fainted when he heard the news that Osprey had died of starvation under the care of KWS. He is currently in hospital recuperating.



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