Matiang’i summoned by Uhuru over his recent altercation with military

How Matiangi instigated the sacking of Itumbi
Fred Matiang'i | Photo Courtesy

Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i was this morning summoned by President Uhuru Kenyatta to State House, Nairobi. Sources indicate that the Super CS was given a dress down by the President over his recent altercation with military officers as he attempted to breach protocol during the viewing in state of Moi’s body.

President Uhuru had a bone to pick with Matiang’i over his altercation with top military bosses. Moi’s burial was a military affair by virtue of being the former commander in chief, and Matiang’i’s role if any was limited to provision of security. However, the man from Kisii seemed to have overstepped his mandate much to the wrath of the military.

According to the source, President Uhuru Kenyatta is also reported to have been unhappy with the manner in which Matiang’i handled the funeral preparations of his mentor –the late President Daniel Arap Moi. So shambolic were the preparations that Uhuru took charge of the events after returning from the US.

Matiang’i had in his abrasive nature went around bulldozing and ordering people around during the funeral preparations.

But the past few days, Matiang’i has been an isolated man. You might have noticed extreme humility, that’s unusual from the super CS.

Well last week we exclusively reported how drama ensued at Parliament when Matiang’i was blocked by military and ordered to follow protocol. That coupled with reports that Uhuru discovered a plan to delay viewing of Moi’s body to await for the return of Raila, signaled that Matiang’i’s goose had been fried. According to sources, Matiang’i was at the center of the plan to delay the viewing of the body, having been approached by James Orengo who in turn approached Gideon Moi.

But if Matiang’i thought he had seen it all as far as Uhuru’s anger is concerned, he was in for a rude shock as more were yet to come .

An infuriated Uhuru who probably had taken several pints of sh 460,000 Johnnie Walker Directors Blend of the famous Bob Boys Club, is said to have taken issues with Matiang’i’ for ordering the military bosses to give him the Kenyan Air Force Plane which he flew with to Kabarak when there were a dozen police choppers under his command.

You see, Military affairs is a no go zone for civilians. The Kenya Air Force plane is a preserve of the military, the President and his deputy and any civilian use has to be sanctioned by the commander in chief of the armed forces.

To make matters worse, Uhuru learnt of the the Air Force Plane use via social media when he was in New York for a prayer breakfast meeting.

Uhuru is reported to have fallen short of dismissing the embattled CS, but somewhere in the middle, his anger subsided, giving Matiang’i a second lease of life.

Matiang’i was summoned by Uhuru barely hours after the burial of Mzee Moi, a sheer indication that the President has been seething in anger all along.



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