Mbadi defends Raila’s letter saying Ruto belongs to ICC

Mdadi defends Raila's letter to ICC

Raila’s letter to the ICC continues to elicit mixed reactions. ODM Chairman John Mbadi has defended calls by his party leader Raila Odinga for DP WIlliam Ruto to be taken back to ICC in relation to 2007/2008 post elections violence. Ruto had on Thursday night in an interview with a local TV station revealed that the Director General of NIS briefed him that Raila Odinga has written to the Hague based court with a view to reviving the post election cases.

“My competitor has already written to ICC to sent people to Kenya to resuscitate the ICC case against me,” Ruto said.The Ocampo 6 which included Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto were acquitted by the Hague based court for lack of evidence. The ICC cases as has become a dangling carrot in Kenya whenever general election nears.

Raila’s letter to ICC rekindles similar memories in 2012 when Raila then as a Prime Minister under President Kibaki wrote to the ICC Prosecutor demanding that the duo be locked up at ICC as their cases are determined.

John Mbadi in supporting Raila’s letter to ICC said the former premier has been at the forefront fighting for justice and its only prudent that Ruto is charged at the Hague so as to guarantee justice to the victims of the post election violence.

Mbadi praised the move saying it was long overdue that victims would get justice at last. Mbadi however regretted that DP Ruto will use the ICC case to seek sympathy from voters but noted that it may not work this time like it did in the run-up to 2013 elections. “It is not the first time Ruto is using the issue of ICC case to his advantaged. He is a political opportunist. They used ICC cases in 2013, but that tale is stale”, he said. Political observers believed President Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto used the ICC case to their advantage by portraying Raila Odinga as greedy and power hungry politician who could sacrifice his countrymen for the sake of power.



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