Mishra Kiprop and how he endeared his way to the Kalenjin hearts

Mediheal Hospital
Kesses MP Mishra Kiprop during 2017 campaigns

He is not your average politician. Meet him at first and what strikes you is his soft demeanor and amiable personality. He epitomizes kindness and success which is often a rare combination of virtue to find in a politician. 

But beneath this kindness is a stature of a man wearing many hats. A renowned obstetrician and gynecologist, an amiable politician, an academician, and an astute businessman. When he is not in parliament, probably he is in his constituency serving the electorates. It is a routine that has come to define his life of service to the people and humanity.  Mishra Kiprop Chelulei, they cal him-a name he was bestowed by the community that embraced him when he arrived in Kenya. They love and and cherish him. Those who loath him, talk in hush tones, perhaps envious of his popularity.

Mediheal Hospital

Mediheal Doctors Plaza Eldoret

But how the man born in Odiasha, Eastern India rose from a mere lecturer when he arrived in Kenya in 1997, to a renowned entrepreneur with a group of hospitals spanning the expansive East Africa all the way to Rwanda, is a classical case of what sheer hard work, vision and determination can do. His transition from academics to entrepreneurship would start in earnest in 2005 when he acquired the little known Pacifica Hospital, then owned by Robert Neysweta and re-named it Mediheal Hospital –now a leading medical center of excellence in the region.

Any entrepreneur or businessman would tell you the journey is not an easy one.  It’s painstakingly a tedious one and those who stick to their vision succeed. Mishra would stick to his vision like glue and today Mediheal is the most responsive and innovative healthcare provider positively impacting communities in Africa and beyond.

Mediheal Success story

The Group of Hospitals now boasts as the leading largest healthcare service provider in East Africa with focus on quality and cost effective treatment. It has two facilities in Nairobi, one in Eldoret, Nakuru, and Kigali, offering tertiary level, diagnostic and therapeutic services.

Pioneer Achievements

The group has pioneered a number of innovations in healthcare sector. The first IVF baby delivered was in Mediheal Rwanda and since the the facility as realized over a thousand IVF cycles per year. IVF is the Assisted Reproductive Technique. It’s basically an in virto fertilization (done in lab or outside the womb) where a doctor takes the eggs out of the body and mixes with sperm in a lab, to help the sperm fertilize the eggs. It’s done to help a woman get pregnant in cases of infertility.

Mediheal also pioneered laparoscopic donor nephrectomy renal transplant in East Africa. Since then, it has performed more than 50 renal transplants with the highest success rate in East and Central Africa. 
     But what makes Mediheal stand out is not only it’s world class facilities and cutting-edge technology in organ transplant (kidney and liver), Neonatology, Assisted Reproductive Technique (IVF), Advanced Neurosurgery, and non-invasive pain management and Spine Surgery among others.

Unknown to many, and unlike other facilities, Mediheal does not ask for any deposit when patients get registered to be admitted.

Last year,  the Health CS Cecilia Kariuki commissioned a state of the art Kidney and Liver Transplant Center. The facility has drastically reduced the number of patients going to India for treatment. The facility came as a relief not only because it’s affordable, but it has spared families the agony and expenses of travelling to India. It has also made Kenya a medical tourist hub with patients from as far Malawi and Ghana coming to Kenya for treatment. 

Health CS Cecelia Kariuki and Hon. Mishra Kiprop during the inauguration of Kidney & Liver Transplant Center at Mediheal Eldoret on 14th March 2019

But in a country like Kenya where mediocrity is rewarded over integrity, insanity cherished over dignity, and where cartels rule with an iron fists, cartels who lost in the lucrative ‘medical export’ trade were bound to fight back viciously. For starters, a clique of few untouched individuals who are the ‘go-between’ hospitals in India and patients seeking treatment have been minting colossal amount of money from patients going to India for kidney transplant and now that their business is threatened, the only thing they could do is fight back.



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