Mishra says he will resign to allow for investigations over allegations of organ trafficking

Kesses MP Mishra Kiprop to resign
Kesses MP Mishra Kiprop

Kesses MP Mishra Kiprop has said he will resign as the MP for Kesses constituency to pave way for investigations into allegations of organ trafficking. The embattled MP has been battling a myriad of accusations over the nature of his business which many see it as a conduit for selling human organs. According to his critics, Mishra goes to India to bring Kidneys which he then sells for a kill at his Hospitals.
Mishra has now come forward refuting the claims that he is involved but also saying he will resign as the MP until investigations are over. Mishra said the allegations have irredeemably tainted his public image and it’s no longer tenable to continue serving the people of Kesses as their MP. The MP insisted his frequent visits to Nigeria and India are not in any way related to organ trafficking.
“I go to Nigeria, i go to Malawi, i go to india, i kill people and bring kidney to Kenya”, he quipped saying he will resign to pave way for investigations.
Detectives from the DCI and officials from the medical board are said to be closely investigating the case with the view of apprehending the legislator.
The allegations of organ trafficking are so severe and had the potential of hurting Mishra stab for a second term. Mishra’s remarks comes as a relief to his opponents who might have not matched his financial power in 2022.




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