Moi’s children and the silent scramble for vast wealth

Moi's children and the scramble for Mzee's vast wealth

The death of Mzee Moi will open a tinderbox in the family– and expose the silent scramble for the family’s vast wealth among Moi’s children.
Mzee Moi had at the tail-end of his Presidency started distributing his wealth and allocating others in trust. This was one way of safeguarding it against any unfriendly incoming regime. Of all the Moi’s children, Gideon is said to be the major beneficiary. It’s not clear why Moi did not give his other children any of the prime properties.

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Gideon Moi

Ever since Moi became ill, Gideon went on a wealth transfer spree, allocating his father’s prime properties to proxy companies held by his associates. A 2004 Kroll Report commissioned by President Mwai Kibaki opened the lid into Gideon’s’ vast business empire. The report listed him as the owner of:

  • Giro Bank held under Asian nominee businessmen
  • Taurino Enterprises,
  • Trans-National Bank,
  • Hampstead Enterprises,
  • Maternity Shop,
  • Eagle Airlines,
  • First American Bank, Equatorial Bank,
  • The Sasine Group of farms,
  • Cable Wireless, Duty Free Company,
  • Eveready Company, Tobacco Farm in Malawi‚
  • Chester House and Safaricom, among others

But according to sources, most of these companies were owned by Moi before Gideon transferred them to himself.
While Gideon’s children live in opulence, the same cannot be said of his brother’s children
For instance, Gideon’s son, Kigen, is a lover of life and the fine things life has to offer which is a subtle reminder of his father’s wealth.
Like his father, Kigen has a special love for the exclusive game of polo – his father’s favorite sport which he dominated as a star player over the years before his weight started breaking horses’ backs.
In sheer contrast, the other grandsons of Moi are rarely seen displaying the same opulence.
For instance, Collins’ girlfriend was at one time detained at a three star hotel in Kitale for failing to clear a bill they had accrued after their stay at the hotel. Collins, son of the late Jonathan, sneaked out of the Hotel over a paltry Sh 100,000 bill leaving his girlfriend stranded, embarrassed, and detained by the hotel.

Gidion Moi is also said to pocket millions of allowances the former President is paid by the state. At one point Gideon is reported to have lied to Mzee Moi that he was the deputy president of Kenya and that’s the reason he blocked DP Ruto from visiting Kabarak.

Jenifer Kositany

Jenifer Kositany, the eldest daughter has been living a quiet life and stayed with her father either in Kabarak or Kabarnet gardens In Nairobi. Ever since her husband Stephen Kositany, died in a tragic road accident in 1994, Jenifer has taken comfort whiling time away gulping her favorite Danish Turborg beer. Her dalliance with the late windbag Jacob Juma exposed the frustration she was nursing after her father relinquished power in 2002. Jennifer who owns Theta Tea Company –a 250-acre tea farm in Nandi, was embroiled in a protracted legal tussle with Jacob Juma who claimed to have bought sh 9 million shares after it was auctioned by AFC in 2003.

John Mark , June and Doris

Little has been said about John Mark, Moi’s other son apart from owning Kaisugu Tea Farm in Mau Forest which according to the Ndungu report is public land and should be returned to the public.

For June, Moi’s adopted daughter –Lena’s niece –she is always bitter with Gideon over his scheme to defraud them.

Philip’s twin sister Doris was never in good books with his father after eloping with Sammy Choge, the son of the Moi-era politician Ibrahim Choge against his father’s approval.
Choge who worked as Jonathan’s rally navigator died in 1998 in a road accident.


Doris’ twin brother Philip who has been embroiled in embroiled in a divorce case with his ex-wife Rossana Pluda had a love-hate with his father. His disdain for his brother Gideon is not something to write home about also as he considers him the favorite among Moi’s children. After the court ordered him to pay his ex-wife Sh 90 million as upkeep and maintenance, Philip desperately pleaded to the court to ignore the fact that he was the son of Moi, and consider his financial status as Philip and not Philip Moi. Word has it that he went to an extend of denying he was one of Moi’s children
His lawyers pleaded the court that his client was a victim of his surname and that he lived a modest life, from hand to mouth like majority of Kenyans.

Raymond Moi–the Rongai MP has chosen the middle ground as far as the family feud is concerned. Maybe he doesn’t want to antagonize his brother Gideon Moi



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