Moses Kuria to vie for Jubilee Secretary General as Ruto moves to take over the party.

A political showdown is looming between Tangatanga and Kieleweke factions of Jubilee as March party elections nears. With only 2 months to the election, already the race has attracted interest pitying the two factions.

Moses Kuria has officially declared interest for the position of Secretary General being held by Raila’s ally Rapahel Tuju. The embattled secretary general has been on record opposing the candidature of William Ruto and its believed he has been used to sabortage the party from within.

The once gigantic party is now a shell of its former self- squabbles, confrontations, mistrust, name them, everything you can imagine about Jubilee. The split which started as a cleave is now so wide and seems to be drifting further, determined to split into into two. The saboteur is believed to be Raphael Tuju who is working for Raila Odinga. A split is a win for Raila. According to Moses Kuria, a united Jubilee is a threat to the opposition leader as he makes another stab at the Presidency.

Moses Kuria has said he will restore the lost glory of the the biggest party in Kenya. Kieleweke on the other hand are fronting Tuju to retain his position and David Murathe former vice chair as Chairman. Nominated MP Maina Kamanda is believed to be gunning for Vice- Chairmanship. With this line up, Ruto has no chance. If by end of March, the office bearers would be the Kieleweke group, Ruto would better go looking for his URP or UDF in the thrash bin.

A number of Tangatanga adherents have also jostle for positions, a move that will give DP DP Ruto the much needed support if they win.



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