Mudavadi, Wetangula urge Western leaders to boycott Bukhungu BBI rally

Confusion, controversy and counter accusations continue to surround the much anticipated Luhya BBi meeting scheduled for Bukunghu stadium next week. This comes in the wake of renewed rivalry pitying Raila Odinga on one side and Musalia Mudavadi and Moses Wetangula on the other.

The two senior politicians from Western Kenya have now said they have not been invited for the BBI meeting and have threatened to mobilise luhya leaders and locals to boycott the event.

Musalia and Wetangula said it was disrespectful for organisers to invite them though social media when the event is happening in their backyard.

Moses Wetangula becomes the latest politician from the region in calling the BBi meeting an ODM affair forced down the throats of the people of Western.

The duo spoke during a burial in Vihiga county.

Mudavadi accused the ODM leader of hijacking and politicising the BBi process saying the matter is too grave to be left in the hands of selfish political groupings. He warned that the process risks dividing and popularizing the county further along ethnic lines.

The ANC leader asked Western leaders and the region in general to be on the look out for leaders who want to perpetrate divisions though BBi saying the will have no option but to boycott the BBI rally if its meant to isolate and divide Kenyans.

“My brother Wetangula and I have and other leaders have not received any invitation to the Bukhungu BBI rally. Atwoli decided to invite us through Facebook,” he said.
“We will not allow do be disrespected in our own backyard. We will not allow the BBi process to be used to cause further divisions among our people”, he added

Wentangula on his part wondered when did they become bad people after severing ties with the opposition leader Raila Odinga.

Mudavadi had earlier said the Western BBi rally was a plan to isolate him politically and paint him as against the luhya unity.

In what might be a blow to the organisers of the meeting, Mudavadi had now urged the Western leaders to boycott the Bukhungu stadium meeting saying they will not be pushed to follow a narrative not familiar to Kenyans and which is meant to benefit individuals.

“I am not the kind of a person can be pushed on things by some individuals. We will read the BBi for ourselves, that’s why we take our children to school so they can read and understand”, he said.

Musalia’s sentiments were echoed by Moses Wetangula who said the region had wasted 10 years supporting the ambitions of Raila Odinga yet he is ungrateful to the region.

“Our people will not allow Raila Odinga and other leaders to divide us. As luhya leaders, we are fully united. We will not attend the Bukhungu rally since it’s meant to divide us”, he said.

Wetangula accused Cotu Secretary General Francis Atwoli – the organiser of the meeting – of auctioning the community for selfish gains.

“Atwoli is a selfish and hungry man who has been paid to seek relevance and attention. We know who is funding him,” said the Ford Kenya leader.



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