Mutahi Ngunyi: DCI boss Kinoti behind Kenei murder cover up

Mutahi Ngunyi says Kinotiis covering up the killers of Kenei
George Kinoti

Controversial political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi has poked holes into Kinoti’s presser concerning the death of Sergeant Kenei saying he is working to cover up for powerful individuals.

Mutahi’s remarks follows Kinoti’s conclusion that Echesa and his accomplice took 1 hour 22 minutes at DP’s Harambee Annex office.

In a rare contrast to past murders, Kinoti laid bare CCTV footage showing Echesa’s moments at Harambee Annex and linking the circumstances under which Sergeant Kenei died, to the fake sh 39 billion military firearms orchestrated by Echesa.

But analysts have poked holes into Kinoti’s move to play the footage saying it is a scheme to shift blame. Kinoti’s footage according to the analysts are of little evidential value and whether Echesa and his accomplices took 23 minutes or 1 hour 22 minutes at Harambee Annex is immaterial.

According to Mutahi Ngunyi, the footage seem to support earlier assertion that Echesa took 23 minutes at DP’s office contrary to DCI boss claims.

“Kinoti’s footage on Kenei is an insult to our national intelligence. Footage does not support 1 hour 22 Minutes but supports 23 minutes or so”, Mutahi Ngunyi tweeted.

The political science professor blasted Kinoti for sheer incompetence saying he is the reason graft cases are lost in court.

Former NASA strategist David Ndii also accused Kinoti of engaging in PR exercises instead of cracking the most foul murder.

Kinoti’s presser leaves so many lose ends unanswered which points to a systematic cover up on the part of the DCI boss as alleged by Mutahi.

Kinoti has also come under fire from Kenyans after reports emerged that Kinoti transferred two senior ballistic experts who were handling Kenei’s murder case and the ballistic report is allegedly missing. It’s believed the duo refused to play ball and edit the report as directed by Kinoti.

Kinoti also alleges Kenei phone data was wiped from the servers at Safaricom but has not bothered to question or analyze call logs from the service provider.

The DCI boss has also been accused of quickly moving the body of Kenei to mortuary immediately it was discovered and later returning it thus tampering with the scene of crime.



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