My life is in danger, says Moses Kuria as his security is withdrawn

My life is in danger
Moses Kuria

It seems Moses Kuria has rattled the powers that be, if going by the recent developments is anything to go by. Moses Kuria say his security has been withdrawn -both in Gatundu and Nairobi residence and now the legislator fears his life his in danger. The officers according to the MP received orders to immediately report to Nairobi for deployment.
“My life is in danger. Powerful people want to finish me, my security has been withdrawn this afternoon”, said a worried Kuria.
“I am not going to be cowed. My press conference tomorrow is on as schedule. Say the truth and the truth shall set you free. Kenyans must know who killed Musando”, he added.

The MP says suspicious people have been trailing him since morning.
This comes barely hours after the MP threatened to name powerful state officials he says planned and executed the murder of IEBC ICT director Chris Msando. The press conference expected tomorrow has elicited mixed reactions from Kenyas with majority urging him to expeditiously name the culprits without fear. Kuria’s threats has also sent shock waves in government with those to be named said to be in a flurry of meetings in bid to reach out to Moses Kuria.

Withdrawal of Kuria’s security detail might be a ploy to intimidate the legislator into backing out from the threats. Moses Kuria and the killers of Musando reportedly fell out after the his arrest which he said is politically manipulated. Kuria has also been a key figure of TangaTanga movement allied to DP William Ruto. The government has been targeting politiciians allied to TangaTanga in a move seen as way to intimidate them into backing the controversial report



  1. Let me address this Mr. Big mouth. If you have all along known who killed Msando and you’ve been quiet all this time as his family suffers unimaginable pain, then you belong to hell. Meanwhile before hell comes, you should be in kamiti and be a state witness while there. The reason is simple. Crime of commission or immission. I’m convinced that you must have been involved as a person, otherwise you had no reason to do that to the deceased’s family. If you have any morals tell us even your part in the scheme. You are a disgrace to any form of humanity, however low.

  2. The chicken are coming home to roost.
    Since means was killed you kept the information to yourself but now you decide to spew it to the press so you can hurt certain peoe bn in government.?
    I put it to you Mr. Kuria you are an assessory to murder and you will be charged alongside with your accomplices as soon as you finish your press statement.
    Otherwise you denounce it now it’s too late police have the right to investigate you further on what you know about the murder you are talking about. I believe police have left the murder probe file open to date
    Bring it on dude and keep frying yourself with your own oil.


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