Myoot elders want Moi family apologise for bequeathing-Gideon mzee paraphernalia on burial day say its abomination

Myoot elders want moi family apologize
Myoot council of elders

Controversy continues to surround the handing over of Moi’s signature rungu to the heir apparent Gideon Moi.

Myoot council of elders have castigated the Moi family for bequeathing Gideon, Moi’s paraphernalia on the day of the burial.

The elders now want the Moi family–Raymond and Gideon -‘ Moi to apologize or face the wrath of the ancestors.

Myoot elders have given the family 7 days to rescind the decision and offer an unconditional apology.

According to the chairman Alex Mursi, the Kalenjin culture has it’s own systems and procedures that must be followed after the death of an elder.

“The Kalenjin culture has a specified mourning duration within which nothing can be done”, said Alex Mursi
“You never share the departed elders belongings on his burial day, that’s a taboo and unheard of . The Moi family should rescind the decision and apologize within 7 days. We don’t want curses to befell the Moi family,” he added.

“You can try an election or position but you can not rig the cultures and traditions, it has consequences and repercussions”, said another elder.

According to the elders, Raymond and Gideon will have to be cleansed after they have apologized and rescinded the decision.



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