Nairobi City MCAs say they support Governor Mike Sonko, vow to approve deputy governor nominee Ann Mwenda

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has recieved the much needed reprieve and support from members of the county assembly. This is after a group of MCAs allied to him vowed to approved his nominee Ann Mwenda for the position of deputy governor.

The MCAs who were speaking to the press outside City Hall castigated those calling for governor Mike Sonko’s resignation saying such calls are malicious and uncalled for. They reiterated that Sonko was innocent until proven guilty.

The MCAs led by the majority leader Charles Thuo were responding to remarks by Nairobi county assembly speaker Beatrice Elachi calling for Sonko’s resignation since his continued stay in office was hurting service delivery. They also took qualms with Elachi’s directive that all suspended Nairobi City staff report to work immediately. According to the Nairobi ward representatives, Elachi’s directive amounts to interference with the executive which is against the doctrine of separation of power.

“Our attention has been drawn to misleading and alarmist statements by our Speaker madam Beatrice Elachi yesterday, allegedly on behalf of the Nairobi City County Assembly, and purporting to direct the affairs of Nairobi county”, reads part of the statement.

“As members of Nairobi County Assembly, we wish to remind madam speaker and her group that what Governor Mike Sonko is undergoing is a normal, legitimate and legal process, and that they have no capacity whatsoever to determine his guilt so as to initiate illegitimate processes to dictate the functions of the Executive branch of the Nairobi City County government. Her directives are therefore illegitimate, null and void.
The MCAs warned those calling for Mike Sonko’s resignation saying there is no leadership crisis in Nairobi as Sonko remains the legitimate governor of Nairobi county.

The leadership row pitying Nairobi governor Mike Sonko and speaker Beatrice Elachi is likely to be taken to the floor of the county assembly . Already the county assembly speaker has said he will be relying on the law and Jubilee constitution in ruling whether Sonko legally and validly nominated the deputy governor considering he is facing corruption charges and the court having barred him from discharging the functions of a governor.

In the absence of a governor and deputy governor, speaker Beatrice Elachi would have been the automatic acting governor of Nairobi City county. However, this has been complicated by the court ruling which is silent as to whether Mike Sonko ceased being a governor.



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