Natembeya grabbed 10,000 acre land in Mau, court told

George Natembeya grabbed land in Mau
Rift Valley Regional Commissioner George Natembeya

Rift Valley Regional Commissioner George Natembeya has been accused of grabbing land in Mau Forest.

Natembeya was on Monday listed as among powerful individuals who grabbed huge parcels of land by a witness testifying at the start of the case where over 500 settlers evicted from Mau have sued the government.

This was revealed today before Environment and Lands court where a three-judge benched heard that Natembeya grabbed a 10,000 acre parcel of land in Mau and transferred to his wife Lilian Khaemba.

Mr. Johnson Talam, who is the chairman of Enkarooni Group Ranch whose titles were revoked by the government told the judges that Natembeya through his wife irregularly transferred the 10,000 acre land in 2000 to his wife from Joseph Kimeto Mapelo who is the Enkarooni Group Ranch Secretary.

Mr Taalam, 77, told the court that Natembeya confessed to him that he owned the 10,000 acres in Enkarooni.

“Ms Khaemba was irregularly allocated the parcel number 1065 by Mr Mapelo in 2000 when Mr Natembeya was working as a Divisional Officer in Mulot, Narok County. He even told me to to protect his interest on the land when I visited his office”, Mr. Talam told a packed court.

Talam told the judges that Mr. Natembeya was involved in the adjudication process.

The witness stunned judges when he said that Natembeya’s house in Mau was spared in the recent evictions.

“I can even take you there and you will see crops on his land, when all our property were razed down”, he told the judges.

Talam tabled documents indicating that their land was regularly acquired. Through their lawyers Kimutai Boisek and Humphrey Munyange, the petitioners want the court find that they are the rightful owners of the land



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