NCIC: BBI has divided Kenyans and may lead to violence

NCIC warns Uhuru to stop BBI activities, warn of violence
he NCIC Chairman Rev. Dr. Samuel Kobia addressing the media during a press conference at the NCIC Offices.

The National Cohesion and Integration Commission NCIC has warned that the Building Bridges Initiative report has divided Kenyans and may soon plunge the country into unprecedented violence.

The cohesion and integration body now wants all BBI activities put on hold until further notice when political temperatures brought about by the glamor for plebiscite subside.

In a 14-page memorandum to President Uhuru Kenyatta, NCIC avers that the BBI report has led to unintended negative consequences contrary to its primary objective of uniting Kenyans.

Among the recommendations NCIC wants adopted is the appointment of an independent and all-inclusive body to advice on the modalities of a referendum. The team according to the NCIC should draw it’s membership from the political parties, the clergy, civil society and private sector.

NCIC call for a stop for BBI activities has been reiterated by its commissioner Dr. Danvas Makori. Speaking on a popular radio talk show Monday morning, Makori said the BBI rallies were no longer about Kenya but had been hijacked by individuals for selfish political gains.

“The BBI rallies are about individuals and they have missed the point, it is not good for the Country” ,said Makori.

Makori accused the same politicians who were behind the 2005 referendum of repeating the same rhetoric by trying to push back the country to the abyss of 2007 post election violence.

But it’s highly unlikely President Kenyatta will heed NCIC advice considering his recent stand on BBI despite glaring evidence of disunity caused by the BBI.

It’s either the President has turned a deaf ear or is oblivious on a process that is showing signs of degenerating into an uncontrollable monster.

NCIC warning follows a similar one by the NIS a couple of weeks ago over the worrying trend the BBI rallies had taken. The intelligence team had warned that the country would soon sink to the precincts of violence if the BBI activities are not stop.

But what is worrying is why would the President– a man who escaped the Hague hangman’s noose by a whisker — would not head to advice from government bodies mandated to oversea cohesion and national security.



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