No Plan to Release BBI on Friday, State House Tells Raila as NIS Warns of a Rejection

No BBI Release Soon, State House tells Raila

There is no plan to release the BBI report on Friday, State House has responded to Raila.

The State House was on Monday also noncommittal as to whether the much anticipated Building Bridges Initiative report was scheduled to be released any time soon.

Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga had told a public gathering in Kibera on Sunday that the BBI report is going to be released on Friday.

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During the rally, Raila said the BBI was awaiting the return of President Uhuru Kenyatta and would be released on Friday after he jets back.

The BBI report has recommended a number of constitutional amendments that if passed will drastically alter the governance structure and give Raila a much needed lifeline in his 2022 bid.

Opposition leader Raila Odinga is jostling for an expanded executive which he will use to bait regional kingpins to build a mega coalition.

Raila had also hoped to lure Uhuru Kenyattta to support him by baiting the position of Primie Minister.

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Despite the optimism expressed by the former premier on the release of the Building Bridges Initiative report, Kenyans will have to wait longer for the report whose deadline was 30th June.

Earlier reports had indicated that President Uhuru Kenyatta had been advised by the intelligence that it was not ideal to release the report at the moment.

Sources intimate that the NIS warned the President that the report will suffer a resounding rejection if released at this time.

Sources add that the NIS brief to the President indicated that the ground had been poisoned for rejection by the Hustler vs Dynasty narrative being pushed by DP Ruto.

BBI is said to have recommended the position of a weak premier which Uhuru may not be interested.

During his tour of France, President Kenyatta told France 24 TV that he was not interested in extending his term either as President or Prime Minister.

But even as Raila waits with a bated breadth for the release of the report, DP Ruto has already marshalled his troops to what is likely to be to reject the report in totality.

Speaking in Muranga during a church fundraiser, Ruto said any engagement on BBI should be about youth empowerment and job creation.

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