ODM says they will not allow joint BBI rallies, to evict TangaTanga

ODM reject joint BBI rallies
ODM Secretary-General Edwin Sifuna

The ODM party has vehemently rejected the decision by Jubilee party MPs allied to Deputy President William Ruto to joint their scheduled BBI rallies. In a presser at a City hotel yesterday, TangaTanga MPs led by Senator Kipchumba Murkomen said they had unanimously agreed to be part and parcel of the planned BBI activities and will be a taking leading roles.
However, in a quick rejoinder, ODM party through its secretary general Edwin Sifuna warned Tanganga Mps against meddling or joining their activities. Sifuna said Jubilee Mps allied to William Ruto have already declared their stand known that they oppose any changes to the BBi report and will not be joining them in good faith.
“We know our good friends in TangaTanga well. They have always opposed any BBI activities and any proposed changes therein. They will not be coming in good faith but to sabotage the document from within”, he said.
According to political analysts, Ruto’s decision to order his troops to attend BBI rallyies is a clever scheme to hijack the BBI activities and dictate its debate.
“Deputy President William Ruto and his allies have devised a scheme to hijack the Building Bridges Initiative rallies and take charge of the debate. The decision to attend the rallies obviously got the other team off guard. TangaTanga will now aim at controlling the narrative of the BBi to the detriment of Raila Odinga”, said Prof. Herman Manyora.
TangaTanga’s decision according to Prof. Edward Kisiangani was probably informed by last weeks events at Bukhungu stadium where Musalia and Wetangula appeared in the last minute and tilted public perception. The duo emerged as the best speakers who are in support of Pro-people agenda.
Deputy President William Ruto has also waded in warning opposition leader Raila against propagating politics of division by excluding others from the BBI process.



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