Police officers sacked as investigation into firearms scam take new twist amid revelations of mercenaries

foreigners in Echesa Scam are mercenaries

The investigations into the multi billion firearms scam involving ex-CS Rashid Echesa has taken a new twist after the Deputy President William Ruto spin the coin upside down right in the face of the DCI.

With DP Ruto’s life in danger from the possibility that the two foreigners could be mercenaries hired to assassinate the deputy president, police have now been forced to pursue a different angle after a furious DP wrote to Inspector General of police demanding to know how strangers could have accessed a premised guarded by hawk-eyed-Israel trained recce squad officers.

Harambee House Annex is a security installation with hawk-eyed sentries who keep vigil 24 hours round the clock. Entering the building is akin to the proverbial biblical phrase of entering heaven is like going through the eye of a needle. It is not a walk in the park and one has to go through thorough screening and questioning from security officers. Questions linger as to how Echesa and his two guest could accessed the building straight into the boardroom.

In a letter to the Inspector General of Police Hillary Mutyambai, Ken Osinde, DP’s Chief of Staff writing for and on behalf of Ruto wants police to ascertain the identity of the foreigners, their immigration status, visa type status, and criminal record. The DP also wants the foreigners block from leaving Kenya until investigations are complete.

The new possibility might have caught detectives off guard and to prevent a potentially damaging public image due to negligence, Mutyambai swiftly moved into action.

The first casualties of DP’s letter to IG Mutyambai are four police officers who have been sacked over the fake firearms scandal after DP raised concerns about his safety.

The four were interrogated on Monday for four hours before they were handed their dismissal letters yesterday.

The dismissal of the four comes amid revelations that the three men arrested with Rashid Echesa said to be close associates of opposition leader Raila Odinga are known within the police circles. The three are Mr Daniel Otieno, Mr Clifford Okoth and Mr Kennedy Oyoo Mboya.



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