Raila: EACC should do lifestyle audit on Ruto and charge him, his wealth is questionable

Raila says EACC should do lifestyle audit on Ruto
ANTAGONISTS: DP William Ruto and Former PM Raila Odinga

ODM leader Raila Odinga has called upon the EACC to conduct lifestyle audit on William Ruto saying his wealth is questionable. Raila who was speaking on NTV Sunday night wondered how Ruto could splash money around with no known form of investment. The opposition leader who said he is worth a paltry Sh. 2 billion in known properties and shares now wants the Deputy President probed and charged over his suspect wealth.

This is not the first time Raila Odinga is calling for a lifestyle audit targeted at Ruto. In 2018, Raila supported Uhuru’s directive for lifestyle audit on government officials. The former PM has also been on record accusing Ruto of buying MPs with illicit money to scuttle their handshake with the President. The audit however did not materialize.

Raila also took issues with Ruto’s huge donations in Harambees allegedly from the President saying he knows well that Uhuru doesn’t give money and that it was Ruto’s perpetuation of lies to jeopardize his handshake with President Uhuru.

“I know for a fact Uhuru doesn’t give money in Harambees. Ruto gives money and says its from Uhuru to jeopardize our political process (handshake)”, he said.

Raila who could not hide his detest for DP said he met him for the first time in 1978 when Ruto joint parliament. It has since been confirmed that Ruto first joint Parliament in 1997. Raila however said their difference were political and not personal.

Raila also denied claims by Ruto that he approached him four times to broker a handshake with President Uhuru. Raila termed such claims reckless and unethical saying he was ready to swear by Lake Victoria that he didn’t approached Ruto. Ruto has time and again moved to deny claims that he is anti-handshake by saying it’s Raila who approached him first and he referred the matter to President Uhuru which eventually birthed the handshake.



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