ANC party leader and Presidential hopeful Musalia Mudavadi has had no kind words lately for his NASA co-principal turn foe Raila Odinga. In an interview with a local TV station, Musalia brands Raila Odinga as blood thirsty and power hungry. While giving example of innocent NASA supporters killed in the 2017 election, Musalia says Raila Odinga will do anything to get power including sacrificing his own supporters.
In what can be viewed as a veiled attack on his NASA colleague Raila Odinga and his pet project the BBi, Mudavadi told the TV station on Friday night that Raila had abandoned popular struggles and is now pursuing personal selfish ambitions under the guise of BBi.

Mudavadi also took a swipe on BBi saying the 2010 Constitution by and large covered most of the issues BBI raised and the problem lies on fully implementing the Constitution.
“Even if we were to have an executive that was slightly altered, let it come because Kenyans believe it is good for them, but not because some people sat somewhere and decided to have a structure that favors them,” he said.



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