Raila Odinga Flown to China for Urgent Treatment

ODM leader Raila Odinga has been flown to China aboard a private jet on for urgent treatment.

Raila was flown on Subday night after his condition worsened.

Multiple sources confirmed to Daily Star that he was accompanied in the private jet by his daughter Winnie Odinga and a male personal assistant.

Raila is allegedly being treated for a prostate cancer which is common type of Cancer associated with age and gender.

Raila has often appeared in public too weak and unable to concentrate for long. During long meetings, the opposition leader would fall into bouts of sleep.

A call to his personal physician went unanswered.

Raila has been battling with cancer believed to be at an advanced stage. His family and handlers have however kept it under wraps.

Raila was flown in a jet allegedly procured with the assistance of State State House.

More details as the story develops



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