Raila orders ejection of non-Maasai leaders from BBI Strategy meeting

Raila orders eviction of non maasai from bbi meeting

There was drama during a BBI preparatory meeting at Maasai Lodge Hotel when Raila ordered the ejection of non Maasai MPs and MCAs from the meeting.

The Monday incident has brought to the fore the polarizing nature of BBI activities going forward into what might be an equally polarizing referendum if any.

The non Maasai leaders who had arrived as legitimately elected representatives of the people got a rude shock when they were forcefully evicted before the highly charged meeting began.

Efforts by Narok governor Samuel Tunai to intervene did not bear fruit as he was also threatened with eviction.

The MPs and MCas from the cosmopolitan counties of Narok and Kajiado were evicted out by orders from opposition leader Raila Odinga who was chairing the BBI preparatory meeting.

The meeting which brought together leaders from the two counties discussed the resolutions to be read out during the Narok BBI rally scheduled for the 22, February.

The BBI rallies will resume this week after few weeks of relative stability occasioned by the death of former President Daniel Moi.

The eviction of non Maasai from the BBI strategy meeting will only heightened the stakes leading to the weekend rally which is expected to bring together leaders across the political divide.

The eviction of non maasai has also set up the stage for what could be a highly charged and polarized rally. That Raila ordered ejection of non-Maasai has also put spotlight on the lame duck NCIC as to whether they will act on the matter considered grave discrimination and incitement.

Moses Kuria, appalled by the eviction of non Masaai by Raila took to his social media pages to register his displeasure.

“I thought BBI is for inclusivity and unity. Mr. Kenyatta, this is Raila Odinga for you. This leopard remains the same, has never change a single spot”, he said

The Gatundu legislator termed Odinga’s action a threat to peace and security of Kenya .

Narok Senator Ledema Ole Kina was also on the spot last night during a popular interview on a local TV station when he said that the Narok BBI rally will only be a Maasai affair–statements considered an incitement to war and violence.



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