Raila: Ruto Should Resign and Let us Run government

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Opposition leader Raila Odinga has urged Deputy President William Ruto to resign and let him and President Uhuru run government.

Raila was speaking in an exclusive interview with a local media house at his Capital Hill office on Thursday where he waded into a variety of issues.

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Following the fallout between President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy, Raila now wants Ruto to be man enough and resign like his father Jaramogi Oging Odinga did.

“If I felt frustrated and side-lined like Ruto is, The wise thing to do would be to resign and walk away. Jaramogi, my father was a vice-president and when he found it untenable to stay in Kenyatta’s government, he stepped aside,” Raila said.

Raila alleges Ruto has abdicated his duties as President’s assistant and went about his business of campaigning for 2022.

I have nothing personal against Ruto. He is supposed to be the President’s assistant, but he is missing in action”, Raila said.

“I don’t know who is side-lining who. If somebody chooses to isolate himself, he should not blame other people.” he added.

Raila added that Uhuru was better off alone than with Ruto whom he accuses of being Uhuru’s failed promises. The former Premier now says Uhuru’s Big 4 agenda is still attainable but only Ruto resigns.

” We can still achieve the BIG 4 agenda but only if some people who politic everyday are not part of the agenda”, Raila said in reference to Ruto.

DP Ruto critics have been mounting pressure for him to resign. However, Ruto’s supporters remain adamant that if there is anybody to resign, then it should be President Uhuru Kenyatta for having failed to deliver on his campaign promises.

BBI Report

Despite the delayed release of BBI report, the ODM leader is optimistic that the document will be released soon and Kenyans go into a referendum by December. Last week, State House dealt Raila a blow after it denied his statements that the report would be released on Friday.

But according to constitutional law experts and based on referendum timelines, the earliest Kenyans can have a referendum is December 2021.

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