Raila: BBI will finish Ruto politically

BBI will finish Ruto politically
Opposition leader Raila Odinga in Maranda High School during centenary celebrations. Photo| Courtesy

Opposition leader Raila Odinga has sounded a warning shot at his political rival deputy president William Ruto saying BBI will finish him politically. Raila accused Ruto of contributing huge sums of money every weekend in churches but cannot explain the source of his wealth.

“Ruto steals money then look for a church every Sunday to contribute in the name of doing God’s work, yet they don’t explain the source where they got they money from….BBI will finish Ruto,” said Raila.

Raila was speaking in Maranda High School on Thursday during the school’s centenary celebrations.

DP William Ruto is a known a generous contributor to churches and despite spirited attempts by Raila to bar him from controuting, Ruto has on several occasions said he will not relent in doing God’s work. At one point, Raila had threatened into introduce an Harambee bill that would have capped church contributions at sh 100,000.

The clerics also joint politicians in calling for the capping, but ironically it is the church that invites politicians for Harambees.

Last year, Jackson Ole Sapit, Anglican Church Archbishop led the church in calling for a review of donations by politicians. Ole Sapit had also said any contribution must be via a bankers cheque.

Raila’s new battle front with Ruto over church donations will likely cause the rift between the two leading presidential contenders in the face of BBI that’s billed as creating a unified Kenya.

With DP Ruto adamant that he will continue to worship and give, calls for the capping of church donations will only fall on his deaf ears.

During the Maranda High School centenary celebrations, Raila lauded BBI as one that will mark the end of corruption beside ensuring that resources are shared equally. Raila also said BBI will ensure inclusivity by removing the ‘winner takes all’ clause in the constitution. This he said will ensure communities do not fight after every election cycle.



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