Raila taken ill, hospitalized after Meru BBI rally

Raila Odinga hospitalized after Meru BBI rally
Raila's son Junior and others seen supporting Raila Odinga |Photo Courtesy

Opposition leader Raila Odinga was on Sunday taken ill and hospitalized after his health deteriorated after the Meru BBI rally.

Signs that the former prime minister, Raila was sick were evident and visible for all and sundry to see during the Saturday Meru BBI rally.

A usually jovial and charming Raila had been taken aback by a bout of flu that took away his precious voice. In effect, Raila could not excite the gathering as usual.

Raila also looked feeble as evident in his posture while standing and could also struggle to walk.

At the Hospital, Raila was treated and discharged over what doctors said was ‘just a normal bout of flu’ that took away his voice.

He was also advised to take a good time of rest and shun exhaustive political engagements.

Only his son Raila junior and close confidants were allowed to see him while in hospital.

According to sources close to the former primier, Raila has a history of fatigue and exhaustion probably arising from prolonged and intense activities.

Over the past one month, Raila has been in involved in a bee-hive of heightened activities coordinating BBI strategy meeting and rallies.

He has taken it upon himself to ensure the success of BBI rallies.

In a weekend, Raila would attend a BBI strategy meeting on Fridays then the main rally on Saturday which might have probably taken a toll on his health leading to hospitalization.

In 2019, In Tanzania, while handing Kariobangi Sharks a Sportpesa Supercup trophy, Raila became weak and suddenly collapsed with a thud. His aids rushed to the podium and took him to the hospital where he was attended to.



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