Remind Uhuru to keep the promise, Moi’s last words, Gideon reveals

Gideon Moi reveals Moi's last words to remind Uhuru Kenyatta to keep the promise
Deputy President William Ruto with Senator Gideon Moi

Senator Gideon Moi has for the first time since the death of his father opened up about his last moments with him before he was promoted to glory, revealing Moi’s last words. Moi died on Tuesday morning triggering nationwide grief and mourning. The news of Mzee Moi’s death came as a shock to Kenyans, but as Gideon Moi narrates, the past few days have been more difficult for family.

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Gideon has revealed Moi’s last words before he died peacefully. “My father died peacefully. I was by his bedside. The grief is too much for the family but we have accepted this. Kuka (old man) has gone to be with the Lord. Mine is to thank Kenyans for their support and prayers during this trying moments”, Gideon said following the demise of his father.

Dignitaries have been trooping to Kabarnet gardens in Nairobi to offer their condolences. It’s during this occasion that Gideon shared his last moments before Moi went to be with maker. Gideon also revealed Mzee’s last words and his wish for a better Kenya and for President Uhuru to keep his promise.

“When my father saw I was starting to become emotional, he told me that to accept life you must accept death. Mzee also said I should remind President Uhuru Kenyatta to keep his promise and that Kenyans should remain united,” Gideon recalled.

Gideon did not however divulge what promise or pack Mzee Moi had with Uhuru Kenyatta but it’s believed Uhuru had a secret pack with Moi to pass the leadership baton to Gideon Moi.

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Moi will be laid to rest at his Kabarak home on Wednesday 12. The Kalenjin elders have since taken over the burial preparation in line with the customs but that’s likely to clash with the government program which has planned a military funeral.

The death of Moi portends a bleak political future for the Baringo senator. The scion of Moi has been nicknamed a ‘celerac’ politicians, and likened to a crawling baby who can not walk on his own. At the tail-end of Mzee Moi’s life here on earth, Gideon had ransacked Kabarak home turning it into a political rally ground where he used the then ailing Moi as a political bait to attract political figures. Political experts have observed that without a referendum to expand the executive to include the position of prime minister and 2 deputies Gideon’s political future will remain a mirage, dead as dodo.



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