Revealed: DCI Kwekwe squad killed Kenei

DCI Kwekwe squad killed Kenei

Controversial laywer Miguna Miguna has sensationally claimed that the DCI KweKwe squad killed Kenei.

The story of Kwekwe Squad, the highly feared and most notorious crack unit ever formed in Kenya, is again on the spotlight over the death of sergeant Kenei–a security guard who was attached to DP Ruto’s Harambee Annex.

The dreaded kwekwe squad has often been linked to some of unexplained assassinations sanctioned by the State.

The kwekwe squad was also linked to the assassination of controversial businessman Jacob Juma.

But in a twist of fate and in line with the law of unintended consequences, the squad has become a classic example of the hunter becoming the hunted.

Deported lawyer Miguna Miguna has revealed that Director of Criminal Investigations director George Kinoti’s KweKwe Squad murdered Kipyegon Kenei.

According to Miguna, Kibicho and Matiang’i had sent the Polish crooks disguised as investors to entrap former sports CS Rashid Echesa in order to pave way for Ruto’s arrest. Kenei therefore had to be killed to conceal evidence incriminating the duo.

Miguna who has challanged the DCI boss to release unaltered phone records from the communication authority and teleco companies said Kenyans will be shocked that Kibicho and Matiang’i were behind the cold blooded murder of sergeant Kenei.

“To Despot Uhuru Kenyatta: Produce and publish Kenei’s unaltered phone records from the Communications Authority of Kenya, Safaricom PLC, Airtel and Telecom Kenya. Stop your silly stories about “data flush” and the length of meetings”, said a fearless Miguna.

Miguna likened the assassination attempts on the deputy president William Ruto to that of former vice president Goerge Saitoti who died mysteriously in a chopper crash.

At the height of 2013 succession politics, Miguna says Karanja Kibicho and Francis Kimemia were used to assassinate George Saitoti.

Miguna believes Saitoti was a threat to Uhuru’s chances of becoming President in 2013 and had to been eliminated.

Also murdered as collateral damage according to Miguna was Orwa Ojode Sirkal who was Saitoti’s assistant minister.

“Saitoti, Ojode and their aides were immobilized with cyanid poison and carbon monoxide long before the crash. Sirkal, Inp. Joshua Tonkei, Cpt. Luke Oyugi, Cpt. Nancy Gituanja and Thomas Murimi were collateral damages. We remember!”, said Miguna

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A scheme to cover up was drawn up which roped in Government pathologist Dr. Johansen Oduor who was under strict instructions from the NIS to conceal critical information about the real cause of Saitoti’s death.

Miguna has now urged DP Ruto to be careful and watch his steps carefully saying those scheming to assassinate him will not rest easy until their mission is accomplished.



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