Revealed: Identity of female anti-Ruto MP from Mt. Kenya link to Echesa scam

Sabina Chege linked to Echesa scam
Ex-CS Rashid Echesa

A female MP from Mt.Kenya has been linked to the sh 39 billion military firearms scam. The identity of the mysterious female legislator had remained largely anonymous with detectives not keen to reveal her identity.

What is baffling is that the police have not bothered to questioned her considering that she was with ex-CS Rashid Echesa on the day they visited Harambee Annex.

But what is even more baffling is that police have not shared the identity or pictures of the two foreigners alleged to have been defrauded by Echesa thus further complicating the scam.

While the female legislator had been described within the media circles as a viscous ant-Ruto critic, Daily Star has since obtained exclusive CCTV footage showing the lady with Echesa enter Harambee Annex as Muranga Women Rep Hon. Sabina Chege.

This has emerged amid rumors that Sabina Chege has a steamy affair with Rashid Echesa.

Reached for comment, Sabina Chege feigned innocence, vehemently denying any role in the scam despite CCTV footage evidence that is now in police possession.

The involvement of Sabina, a fierce Ruto critic complicates at the already intricate investigations that has metamorphosed into different versions. What was Sabina doing with Echesa –Ruto ally is among the questions that remain unanswered.

Sabina Chege could be holding crucial evidence related to the scam that detectives might be interested in.

Sabina Chege , a member of team Kieleweke– has been very vocal in opposing Ruto’s 2022 presidential bid. Was the scam hatched to paint Ruto in bad light? Is the question that many Ruto supporters are asking.

The unmasking of Sabina Chege’s involvement in the scam comes amid the killing of Sergeant Kenei who was attached to DP’s Harambee Annex office. Kenei was due for questioning by the DCI but went missing 3 days ago only for his body to be found dead in his house in Imara Daima.

Residents who talked to Daily Star on condition of anonymity say they didn’t hear any gunshot sound. According to security experts, Jericho pistol (allegedly used) could have produce over 175 dB (Decibels) of sound enough to reverberate and be heard in a 500-meter radius away. In a densely populated estate like Imara Daima, the gunshot sound could have been heard by neighbors.

It will be interesting to know what Sabina’s role in the scam was and why police have not bothered to question her. But with her identity now revealed, detectives will have no option but to hear her part of the story.



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