Revealed: Moi’s last moments and why Gideon refused to call Raymond and Philip in a fierce fight over wealth

Mzee Moi’s last moments was one filled with excruciating pain and difficulty in breathing. It’s reported Mzee’s condition deteriorated last week, and on his deathbed were life support machine that aided Mzee at least for few more days.
But despite his condition, was a man whose only death wish was to see his children before breathing his last. Yesterday at around 7 pm, Mzee Moi ordered his son Gideon Moi to call his brothers Raymond and Philip to be at his bedside. Gideon in his characteristic gate keeping manner is said to have dilly dallied and later lied to Mzee Moi that the duo were out of the country. Mzee would later breath his last at around 5 am on Tuesday. His death opens up a flurry of battle grounds as the sons gear up for a fight over the expansive family wealth.

Prior to his death, Gideon Moi had instructed General Service Units officers guarding the expansive Kabarak to block his brothers and sisters from seeing their father fearing they may pressurize the old man into writing a will in their favor which would have scuttled his scheme of singularly inheriting the family’s vast wealth. The vicious fight over Moi’s wealth is not something new.

A source close to the family who spoke on condition of anonymity, laid bare the intricate and grand scheme by Mzee’s favorite son to disposes his kinsmen of their rightful share of of their father’s vast wealth, estimated in excess of Sh 2 trillion which is at the center of fight over Moi’s wealth.
The kins, while expressing their displeasure, pointed out that their brother had been blocking access to their father’s home on on grounds that Mzee was sick and should not be pressurized into preparing a will.

Among Moi’s children struggling financially is Phillip Moi who was recently seen trying to dispose a small parcel of land in Trans Nzoia county, at a throw away price.
Among primer properties targeted by the scion of Kenya’s longest serving president include the Kabarak University which conferred him a honorary degree in 2107.

Mzee Moi who was married to Lena in 1950 and later separated in 1974, fours years before Lena could enjoy the trappings of a first lady, had eight children 5 sons and 3 daughters. They are Jonathan (deceased), Philip, Raymond, Doris, Jenifer, John Mark, June and Gideon.
Jonathan the eldest son died early last year. He was a renowned former rally driver. Despite being the son of Kenya’s former President, he kept a relatively low and quiet profile. He succumbed to cancer at Mediheal Hospital Nakuru. As to why the family failed to take him abroad for specialized treatment still remains a misery and points to Gideon’s control of the family wealth.
Jonathan Moi was very close to his mother Lena, who died in utter anguish in 2004. At the time of her death, she lived in a simple house that had a leaking roof.
There is no doubt Jonathan’s fortune followed that of his mother– neglected, and living a modest life while Gideon is living large and on a business expansion spree.

The first signs of cracks in Moi family emerged immediately after the death of Lena. The family reportedly differed over the burial ground of their mother. While Gideon Moi convinced his father that Lena be buried at Sacho, it took the bold intervention by William Bomett (Lena’s brother) who threatened to bury Lena in his home in Ravine if she was not going to be buried in Kabarak.
A bitter fight is reported to have ensued during before the burial when Gideon Moi tried to address the gathering as the family spokesman. A angry Jonathan is said to have punched Gideon on the face with a thud warning him that since he is the custodian of family wealth, he should not be mistaken to think he is entitled to be the family spokesman.



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