Revealed: Who owns Jubilee? Ownership of Party Certificate Complicates Ruto ouster

Jubilee ownership certificate complicates Ruto's ouster

The ownership of Jubilee party certificate has complicated Ruto’s ouster by Uhuru allies.

This is likely to hamper the sustained onslaught by politicians allied to President Uhuru Kenyatta to evict DP William Ruto from the party he hopes to run for presidency in 2022.

Records at the registrar of political parties indicate that the Jubilee party certificate is jointly registered under Simon Sigei and James Wachira.

Little is known about the two custodians of the biggest political party in Kenya but sources indicate they hold the certificate in trust for President Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto.

With this knowledge by key Jubilee insiders like David Murathe that they might all along have been a passengers in a bus they believed is theirs, the group is said to have resorted to underhand tactics in a bid to wrestle the party from Ruto.

Top on the strategy by Raila Odinga is informed by fears that a referendum may no longer be possible in the wake of the Corona Virus pandemic that is projected to be fully contained by December this year.

Considering the constitutional timelines required for a referendum, constitutional experts predict that the earliest the country can go into a referendum is August 2021–just a year to the general election.

With the referendum card out of the table, sources intimate to Daily Star that Raila and team hopes to snatch the Jubilee bus from Ruto and merge it with ODM and Kanu.

The role of President Uhuru Kenyatta in this equation is still vague. What is succinctly clear is Raila’s determination to kill Jubilee by hook or crook. A strong jubilee is as detrimental to his 5th stab at the Presidency.

On Sunday, Raila Odinga, David Murathe and Eugine Wamalwa met with Cotu Boss Francis Atwoli at his home in Kajiado. They were later joint by James Orengo and Junet Mohammed. The group reportedly implored upon Interior CS Fred Matiang’i who called junior commanders manning the highways to grant them access.

While they sipped shots of Tequila and tots of Murathe’s favorite 12-year old Glenfiddich at the balcony of Atwoli’s palatial residence, as they enjoyed the scenic Ngong Hills, sources indicate that Simon Wachira and James Wachira safely delivered the Jubilee party certificate to DP Ruto at his Karen residence.

Two hours later, Ruto was aboard his chopper heading to Sugoi. The Jubilee certificate is now probably in a vault or bunker at his Sugoi house, safely tucked.

The events of the past week in the scramble for Jubilee ownership rekindles memories of the run up to the 2007 general elections when Kalonzo Musyoka eloped with the ODM- Kenya party certificate, leaving Raila as helpless as a masturbating man, few months to the election. Raila went to form the ODM party.

The stark difference with the current unfolding events is that while Kalonzo eloped with a mere certificate, he lacked the requisite following that has been exhibited by DP Ruto when over 150 legislators wrote to the registrar of political parties in what many say is a show of political might.

A party is as vibrant as its membership. Ask Gideon Moi what political support the 50-year Independence party Kanu enjoys. Big name with nothing to show for it.

On the flipside, if William Ruto was to walk out en masse out of the estranged Jubilee, Uhuru would remain with a lonely Jubilee house– dead as dodo



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