Ruto: How Kinoti was put at the center of plot to assassinate me

DCI boss kinoti at the center of plot to assassinate ruto

The DCI boss George Kinoti has been roped into a nefarious scheme to assassinate the Deputy President William Ruto, and like an actor, he is rehearsing to execute it.

This was reveal today by non-other than the deputy president himself during the burial of Sergeant Kenei.

Ruto’s chilling revelations lays bare what has often been said in hush tones that the DCI boss has been used to fight political battles and undermine his 2022 political ambitions.

Ruto said that Kinoti was recruited into the scheme by the system who want to assassinate him before 2022, and he quickly swung into action to try bring down a man whose presidential ambition seem unstoppable.

Ruto who seems to have decided to face his enemies bare knuckle warned Kinoti to keep off politics and concentrate on his work as a police officer.

Kinoti’s disdain for DP Ruto has been evident for all and sundry to see.

According to Ruto, the sh 39 billion fake firearms scam was hatched to taint his reputation and that of his office since he doesn’t procure for the Department of Defense.

It was also meant to wage a war between him and his community.

At the center of the scheme to assassinate Ruto, are top Mt. Kenya oligarchs who for many years have been dictating the course of Mt. Kenya politics.

Their main contact in government is a powerful official in the interior ministry.

The group is getting worried and jittery day by day as the 2022 tick tock clock moves.

The tycoons fears are compounded by the lack of a favorite candidate.

They opted to back Raila Odinga but immediately they realized he is unsaleable in Mt. Kenya, they dropped him like hot potato.

They are now grooming peter Kenneth–the non-starter presidential cum gubernatorial candidate.

But Kenneth lacks political charisma and for his candidature to have a head start, 2022 front runner has to be eliminated. That’s where to scheme to assassinate Ruto was hatched.

But assassinating Ruto is not a walk in the park as he is guarded by over 100 elite GSU officers.

For the plot to succeed, Kinoti was brought in with a promise of an extended term as the DCI boss.

According to sources, what appeared to be a simple request by Mt. Kenya tycoons to covertly tame Ruto through politically targeted investigation of his allies, soon got into Kinoti’s head, and like a drunkard in a stupor, he was taken over by excitement and in no time he was executing a mission clearly seen as biased and targeted political witch hunting.

A somber Ruto today revealed that he will not be cowed and is ready for more political mudslinging that he says will come his way.

“I am not mad, I am the deputy president and when I talk, I say what I know. I know what has been planned and I am ready,” he said.



  1. Everyone can see who is telling the truth and who is lying. For starters, how many minutes did the foreigners with Echesa stay in the office of the DP? The clips are there…


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