Ruto should be barred by EACC from 2022 race because he is corrupt – Raila Odinga

ODM leader Raila Odinga wants DP William Ruto barred from 2022 Presidential race because he is irredeemablly corrupt. In an exclusive interview with a local TV channel , Raila asked Ruto to stepped aside to allow for investigations for his vast wealth which he claimed to be unexplainable. Raila also took qualms with Ruto’s huge donations and for hosting delegations at his Sugoi home saying its akin to holding a different set of power thus insubordinatng president Uhuru. He also accused Ruto of buying members of parliament using stolen money.

The ODM leader also weighed into the status of the NASA coalition saying it’s as dead as dodo. According to the former premier, the coalition was formed with the sole purpose of winning 2017 election, which it did not achieve and therefore stands dissolved.



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