Ruto’s beard is symbolic for white smoke, elders say

William Ruto's white beard symbolic, elders say
DP William Ruto sporting a white beard

Ruto’s beard is symbolic with deep inner meaning, Nandi elders have said.

Deputy President William Ruto’s new look with a white beard has continued to spark frenzy on social media platforms.

William Ruto has hitherto had a clean chin, one that was as soft as a baby’s bum. But surprisingly out of nowhere, the chin is now bearded. For the past few weeks, he has been seen sporting a white beard.

Ruto’s white beard has become the talk of town with commentators likening it to that of Abraham Lincoln who was forced to grow whiskers after a young supporter Grace Bedell wrote him a letter promising to convince his brothers to vote for him if he will let the whiskers grow. According to Bedell’s letter to Lincoln, ladies like whiskers and they would also convinced their husbands to vote for him if he had whiskers.

After Bedell’s letter, Lincoln quit shaving and went to win the 1860 Presidential elections.

With Ruto trying to emulate the famous American President, a group of Kalenjin elders have termed Ruto’s beard symbolic and a sign of good tidings.

The elders were speaking yesterday in Eldoret town where they were giving their condolences to the Moi family following the passing on of former President Daniel arap Moi.

Led by Mzee Samoei from Nandi gaa village in Cheplaskei, the elders said Ruto’s white beard is symbolic in nature and represents a white smoke in 2022.

The elders also warned Ruto’s detractors saying that the beard that Ruto has grown will mark the birth of a new Ruto who will be more tactful, courageous, and abrasive in the face of both psychological and physical warfare that the DP will face.

Accroding to Mzee Samoei, Ruto will henceforth navigate the ruggy, musty, and scruffy 2022 political terrain with the tenacity of a leopard.

Ruto’s beard has also coincided with death of Mzee Moi which according to the elders signify the official birth of a new leader in William Ruto.



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