Sonko: Lee Njiru is Moi’s biological son

Moi's children included in the will

Lee Njiru is the biological son of Mzee Moi, Nairobi governor Mike Sonko now says.

Lee Njiru has been Mzee Moi’s personal assistant and press secretary for 42 years, a fact Njiru acknowledges Moi is the only father figure he has known.

Mike Sonko waded into the controversy confirming that indeed Lee Njiru is the biological son of the late former president Daniel Arap Moi

Njiru who bears a striking resemblance to the late Moi is presumed to know the late President’s top secrets having worked closely with him until his demise early Tuesday morning. Not even Moi’s scion Gideon Moi is aware of those secrets that Mzee will take to the grave.

Mike Sonko who is a known ‘walking DNA tester” said Njiru should be entitled to a share of Mzee’s vast estate. However he believes that will not be a problem since Mzee Moi included him in his will.

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“You want the truth? Come ask me. Njiru is the biological son of Mzee Moi. There is no doubt about that and I will be vindicated in a matter of time”, he said.

According to Sonko, Njiru’s mother Grace Cuka, a single mother from Runyenjes who passed on in 2013 had an affair with Moi in the early 1940s through which Lee Njiru was born. As fate who have it, the father and son would later be united when he was posted to State House as information officer in the Presidential Press Unit (PPU) in 1976.

Njiru who is a stickler for time and perfection earned Mzee Kenyatta’s admiration and when the first President died, Mzee Moi made him his personal assistant.

Sonko’s revelations comes at a time netizens are calling for the DNA match up to ascertain Njiru’s paternity and of indeed he is the biological son of Moi. Kenyans’s on social media even offered to contribute towards the DNA tests fee.



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