Standard Group Senior Manager Jayne Munji in Sex Scandal

Standard Group general manager, advertising Jayne Munji is on the spotlight over sex for business and promotion scandal.

Advertising sales staffers, known in-house as Business executives and managers, accuse Munji of favoritism and sexual harassment.

Munji who is married with three kids allegedly solicits sex for from her juniors. Those who co-operate see their careers fastracked. Through lucrative assignments and promotions, her office sex partners go through meteoric rise through the ranks.

One example is Kevin Gicheru. Gicheru has been Munji’s secret lover for years. He was promoted very fast, often overtaking more senior and competent colleagues. Within no time, he rose to be a Business Manager, supervising business executives more senior and competent than him.Through Munji’s connections, Gicheru is now the CEO of the Kenya Spelling Bee. Gicheru is also married with a kid.

Munji and Gicheru are still inseparable, seeing each other almost every day despite both being married to other people.
Meanwhile, Munji has caused Standard Group to lose several talented Business managers and executives to rival media houses because her behavior. She also frustrates female executives who appear to be better looking or sexier than her.



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