State House in panic as Moses Kuria set to name Musando’s killers

Gatundu MP Moses Kuria’s threat to name Musando’s killers has sent State House and top officials at Harambee House into panic. There was a beehive of activities at Harambee house yesterday as top officials moved to preempt what might be the damaging dossier of the year. If Kuria makes real his threat and reveals Musando’s killers who are believed to be powerful State officials, it will throw Uhuru’s government into disarray and sheer confusion.
A powerful PS was last night seen at a city Hotel planning how to reach out to Moses Kuria for a truce. According to a close confidants of the MP, Moses Kuria will name a certain powerful CS, and his PS whom he says planned and executed the heinous act. The Gatundu legislator says he was privy to all the meetings and even has video evidence implicating the two powerful officials.

Moses Kuria on his facebook page said he has been inundated by people linking him to the death of the IEBC officer, and it’s only prudent that he reveals the true killers.

“I am sick and tired about people connecting me to the murder of Chris Msando. I will address the media on Monday 20th January 2020 at 3pm about this whole issue. Some powerful people at Harambee House were involved and I will name them”.

Moses Kuria now wants the DPP to act swiftly and apprehend the two after he gives the dossier saying he is ready to be a prosecution witness.

Chris Musando was found dead a few weeks to the 2017 general election. His fingers were amputated by what detectives believe were to take the fingerprints used for the access of IEBC server. Ironically it’s Moses Kuria who was the first to find the deceased who was killed in the company of a lady by the name Carol Ngumbu, said to be his girlfriend. At the time , the opposition leaders had blamed the government for the brutal murder of Musando saying his death had everything to do with the rigging of 2017 elections. It remains to be seen whether the opposition claims will be collaborted by Moses Kuria




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