Storm in Nandi County: Ruth Koech, lady at the center of deputy governor’s threat to resign

Ruth Koech, Nandi Health CEC
Ruth Koech, Nandi Health CEC

Nandi deputy governor Dr. Yulita Mitei is planning to resign for a myriad of reasons among them, the governor’s unending list of ladies that she says has embarrassed the county, and that Stephen Sang has been implicated in a number of mega scandals, she wouldn’t want to be associated.

Yulita whom Sang has isolated in the running of county affairs, was opposed to the return of Chief of Staff, Stanley Baliach after being ousted with others over the theft of cement and iron sheets.

Those in the know claim that the embattled governor has openly declared she will be dropping Yulita as the runnng mate in 2022 in favor of his clande, Health CEC Ruth Koech.

Governor Sang’s love for young and petite girls is well documented within the corridors of Nandi county. Sang voracious appetite for young girls can only rival that of Uasin Gishu Women rep Glady’s ex-husband Sam Shollei. From slim girls in the procurement, plus size in finance, to the gorgeous ones in the communication department, which he imported from the neighboring county, the governor has devoured them all.

But despite all these string of ladies, his heart beat has always been close to Ruth Koech, the Health CEC. The two have been seen in discreet places severally. But that wouldn’t stop them from expressing their profound love for each other right in the corridors of county offices in full glare of county employees.

The deputy governor is said to have become increasingly incensed by the governor’s unbecoming behavior which she considers not only immoral but also embarrassing to the office of the governor. Yulita perhaps wouldn’t take it no more, and is now planning to resign. But why would the governor’s affairs worry the deputy governor? Well little bird has it that the governor once sipped from Yulita’s juicy pot and that she is nothing but a jilted lover.

Governor Sang on his part has accused the deputy governor as a political baggage going into 2022. He says Yulita lacks political support that is needed to win a gubernatorial race. In short she brings nothing to the table. But has the governor realized that now? The governor says she was implored by the Deputy President William Ruto to pick her as a running mate since his election was guaranteed as he lacked a strong competitor.

But that is not all. Sang has also accused the deputy governor as being as spy to Nandi Senator Samson Cherargei.

The governor has opened a multi-front war. He is literary at war with everyone –he is at war with the residents, contractors, and county employees. Contractors and suppliers have gone for years demanding for pending payments and are now planning a major demonstration with the support of MCAs. The Contractors are believed to be sponsored by the Allan Kosgey (son of former Moi era Minister Henry Kosgey) whom the governor is also at war with. Allan Kosgey is Sang’s 2022 competitor.

Sang’s fight with the senator appears not to end soon, with the later having invited the EACC and DPP to probe corruption allegations in the county.

Those suspected to be governor Sang’s conduit for stolen money are Alfred Lagat (CEC Finance), Meshack Malakwen (Finance Chief Officer) who is said to have invested in real estates using concubines, Priscah Muigei (Head of Budget) who boasts to be untouchable and Sang’s adviser.

Others are Hellen Chemosbei (Head of County Treasury) with serious family woes, Japheth Tirop (Head of Procurement) known to push tenders for the highest bidder, Baliach, head of county delivery unit, and like his boss, his appetite for girls is unmatched.

Baliach was allegedly blamed for the suicide of the county employee who was found death in a hotel sometimes back.

Governor sang recently build a sh 300 million house, a move that has attracted the attention of EACC.

Governor Stephen Sang Sh 300 million Palatial home in Nandi



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