Stunning photos of Joyline Chemutai, Kutuny’s girlfriend

Stunning photos of Joyline Chemutai, Kutuny's girlfriend
Joyline Chemutai

Joyline Chemutai who hit the headlines after the gun drama incident at Joshua Kutuny’s residence in Hardy, Karen Nairobi has asked Kenyans of good will to come to her rescue saying police have been compromised on the matter. Joyline now wants Kenyans to help her acquire the services of a lawyer to sue Kutuny for child support.

Police have since said the incident was a civil case and Kutuny and his girlfriend Joyline would be better off settling their case out of court. This is despite glaring evidence of attempted murder on Joyline Jemutai. Kutuny is reported to have brandished his ceska pistol on Joyline’s temple prompting the frightened girlfriend to scream for help.

This comes as stunning and sumptuous photos of the 22-year old University of Nairobi student emerge. Joyline Chemutai, a 4th year student comes from Silibwet village in Bomet county.

Narrating her ordeal in the hands of Joshua Kutuny, Joyline says the she has been dating Kutuny for 4 years now. However Kutuny started acted differently towards the end of 2018. Joyline was forced to drop out of University as Kutuny vehemently refused to cater for her living expenses and those of their daughter Cindy Kutuny. We willl be sharing pics of Cindy Kutuny once she gives us permission.

According to a reliable source, Joshua kutuny is said to be willing to have an out of court settlement due to the negative publicity the incident has attracted, and she will be reaching out to Joyline any time.



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