The meaning of famous rituals Raila performed on Moi’s body

Raila's rituals performed on Moi's body
Mammoth crowd cheering Raila Odinga in Eldoret

Opposition leader Raila Odinga yesterday viewed the body of former President Daniel Arap Moi in a dramatic style and straight from his late father Jaramogi Oginga Odinga’s play book. Raila was accompanied by his wife Ida Odinga, and son junior shortly after jetting back from Ethiopia.

As he stepped forward into the gallery where Moi’s body laid, Odinga held his black fly-whisk over the body of Mzee Moi before waving it several times, back and forth while uttering inaudible words. AS the fly-whisk flew, brownish sprinkles could been seen dropping down to Moi’s body.

The same rituals was made by his father, Jaramogi Odinga during the viewing in state of Mzee Kenytta’s body in 1978 –an act that attracted the bemusement of dignitaries who were present.

Raila’s Odinga has often been linked to rituals which many believe is an outdated cultural practices that should not have space in the modern society.

It has since emerged that Raila’s rituals goes more than appeasing the death. According to a source, Raila’s fly-whisk was smeared with a concoction that is said to bring good political fortunes. With Raila looking for political coalitions ahead of 2022, one of the things he wished in the inaudible prayers, was to tie the son of Moi, Gideon into backing him unconditionally in 2022 Presidential race.

Raila had been expected to wear a traditional regalia used by his late father but is believed to have shelved the plan because of the controversy it would have generated.



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