This man, Mishra Kiprop

Hon Dr Kiprop Mishra the member of Parliament of Kesses constituency is not just a man but a great man.
He entered politics and showed exemplary leadership never seen in this country.

His political opponents had tried all manner of mudslinging and propaganda but the constituents could not listen,
They had tried to harm him physically and failed miserably.,

He was elected by the good people of Kesses to lead them in the journey of prosperity and economic development as it was stipulated in a well documented manifesto.

For the first in the history and politics of the North rift a man not of colour or tribe or clan was elected by the majority,
The people of Kesses gave him a great name that symbolizes rain,
They gave him another name of an elder that symbolizes a man who is brave.
He is called Arap Chelule,
A name associated with Kalenjin brave warriors who brought cows home successfully.

The constituents of Kesses are greatful,
For the first time in history poor families have a reason to smile,
Dr Mishra gave the most needy households cows to uplift their living standards .

Many students in different schools and tertiary institutions benefit in the more profound and transparent distribution of CDF.

Kesses constituency with leadership of Dr Mishra is the only constituency to airlift 50 students this year on a full sponsorship to study and gain technical skills in India.

The charlatans,
The political gluttons and brokers are spreading romuors to malign the name of a good man.

Dr Mishra is not involved and will never get involved in or encourage smuggling and sale of human body parts in his Mediheal hospitals.

His opponents,
Those who work day and night to bring him down will not succeed.
The people of Kesses have not forgotten the day the enemies of progress almost killed their leader,
They will not succeed,
Dr Mishra Kiprop arap Chelule is a good man.
The God sent leader the north rift has ever known after the exit of William Ruto from Parliamentary politics .



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