Ugandan Imam Mohammed Mutumba shocked as he discovers wife is a man

Mohammed Mutumba shoxked to find wife is a man
Mohammed Mutumba with his 'bride' on their wedding day in Uganda 2 weeks ago: Photo Courtesy: Daily Monitor

Mohammed Mutumba, an imam at a local mosque in Uganda, like any bride groom was looking forward to this day with expectation and happiness — his wedding day. Sooner he would exchange vows with the love of his life, the pretty princess she had met at a mosque during prayers and fallen in love with ease. He couldn’t be more happier.

After weeks of meticulous planning, the day came. The occasion was full of love, pomp and color as Mutumba and his ‘wife’ exchanged solemn vows that they would stick with each other through thick and thin until death do them apart.

Mutumba and his new wife were soon to enjoy the matrimonial fruit on the night of the wedding day. The couple allegedly had never got intimidate before Mutumba was looking forward to this night with bated breadth – a mixture of anxiety and happiness. When they were about to get intimate, drama started when the ‘wife’ said she was on a her periods but Mutumba being an Imam and an understanding husband any wife could get was patient enough and he let the day go.

A week passed by and Mutumba was still expecting to officially usher in his new wife. The iman says he started smelling foul play when she became uncomfortable with touches but he would not hear none of it. After a few minutes of bustling and tustling in bed, he got the shock of his life when his wife turned out to be a man.

“I saw something big protruding from his undergarments.I was shocked to discover my wife is a man. I don’t know what transpired next because I fainted and found myself in hospital”, says a traumatised imam.

The case is now the subject of police investigations for possible fraud and impersonation. The suspect was arrested as he tried to flee. He was clad in islamic clothing and sandals and female police officers had to brisk her before booking him in cell and she proved indeed he was a man

“As it is the norm, a female police officer brisked the suspect thoroughly before booking in cell but to the shock of the officer, the suspect was a man. He had stacked some clothes in the bra to disguise as breasts,” said a Police officer aware with the investigations.

Upon questioning, the suspect confessed he duped Mutumba that he was a woman so that he could steal from him.

Mohammed Mutumba still too terrified to speak narrated how he met the charming princess in Kampala at his mosque. Mutumba is an Imam at Kyampisi Mosque in Uganda.

“I was looking for a beautiful woman to marry and when I saw this gorgeous and charming girl in a hijab, I was love struck at first sight. After exchanging few pleasantries, I asked for her hand in marriage and she gladly accepted much to my delight”, said the imam.

Mutumba says she told him they should not have sex until they were married, a move the imam accepted with little objection.



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