Uhuru Kenyatta Not Yet Off ICC Hook, Expert Say as Uhuru Objects New Prosecutor

President Uhuru Kenyatta is reportedly not yet off the ICC hook and risked being dragged into the Haque based Court should Kenyan slip into the precincts of the 2007/2008 Post Election Violence.

There has  been jittery in Uhuru’s camp following the publication of a report by a local  daily 4 days ago that ICC may resurrect his case afresh .

According to the publication, Fergal Gaynor who represented victims of the PEV and who is tipped to take over as the prosecutor after the Fatou Bensouda’s term comes to an end later this year, will likely resuscitate the cases afresh.

Kenya has reportedly objected the candidature of Gaynor accusing him of biase.

In a letter written by Kenya’s ambassador to Holland Mr. Lawrence Lenayapa, Kenya told the court that it strongly objects some of the nominees for the position of Prosecutor.

While the letter did not pin point which nominees Kenya was uncomfortable with, International law experts say its evident President Uhuru Kenyatta is uncomfortable with Gaynor having worked with the post election violence victims.



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