Uhuru’s secret 5-hour meeting with Ruto sends ODM into panic

Uhuru secret 5-hour meeting with Ruto

President Uhuru’s 5-hour meeting with DP William Ruto in State House Nairobi has sent the Orange Democratic Party into panic. The close door meeting is said to have been secretly guarded that personal aides of the two leaders were not allowed.

Sources abreast with the facts of the meeting said the duo discussed issues to do with the party, the upcoming party elections and the Building Bridges Initiatives BBI. The two leaders are said to have dodged their trusted allies as they held the closed door 5-hour meeting on Monday that has sent shock waves within the ODM circles.

“The deputy president William Ruto drove in alone at around 11am and joint the President in the hours long meeting. They were alone in the meeting and we don’t know what they discussed– but it must have been highly confidential”, said a source at State House.

The meeting comes barely days after the Mombasa BBI rally that is said to have jolted the President into rethinking his stand on the controversial report. On Sunday, President Uhuru Kenyatta left AIC church Milimani earlier to attend a family meeting. The meeting is said to have been convened by Mama Ngina to discuss the family’s position on BBi . Mama Ngina is reported to have been unhappy with President Uhuru’s dalliance with Raila Odinga and his support for the BBI which threatens to expose the family’s vast interest in land. During the Mombasa BBI rally, speaker after speaker called for the implementation of Ndungu land report. The report adversely mentions the first family as having grabbed huge chunks of land in the coast.

The meeting also comes as Jubilee MPs met in Naivasha to craft a common position on issues to be presented to the Haji led BBi committe. Uhuru’s 5-hour meeting with Ruto has the potential of breaking or making the BBi report. The President and his deputy have not being seeing eye to eye lately and have been reading from different scripts on many issues.



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