United Kingdom begs Kenya for 100,000 skilled workers after Brexit

United Kingdom begs Kenya for more than 100,000 skilled workers as new immigrants
President Uhuru Kenyatta with UK PM Boris Johnson | Photo Courtesy

In Brief

UK’s friendly stance towards Kenyan Immigrants comes in the wake of Brexit as they formally disengaged from European Union.
UK said its committed to allowing over 100,000 immigrants from Kenya.
United Kingdom begs Kenya for workers as new immigrants

Have you ever wanted to work abroad? Has United Kingdom been your preferred destination.? Well now is a good time to start packing your bags as your dream might just become true after United Kingdom begs Kenya for workers.

The United Kingdom government has plans to give more than 100,000 permanent residency permits to immigrants from Kenya in the next 3 years. The move comes in the face of Brexit, as UK formally severe ties with the European Union.

With the Brexit came an unprecedented consequences. First, the UK economy has slowed, as many businesses shifted their headquarters to EU.
Brexit has also caused job shortages as former EU partners will no longer be eligible to work.

The UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, on Saturday requested Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta, to allow 100,000 Kenyans enter United Kingdom under a new Employment and Migration Programme designed for skilled immigrants. The requests follows Uhuru Kenyatta’s recent visit to UK where he met Boris Johnson. The two discussed a range of issues focused on scaling up the robust ties between UK and Kenya.

The UK’s request for 100,000 Kenyan immigrants coincides with it’s plan to attract foreign scientists and other skill workforce. Boris Johnson took to Facebook Live Saturday to announce fast-tracked immigration policy to encourage Elite researchers and specialists to move to UK — a move that comes just hours after UK’s withdrawal from the European Union.
” Today we are announcing that we are changing immigration rules so as to make UK more welcoming to scientists and skill workforce around the world,” Boris said.
Johnson’s new rules will abolish the need to have an offer of employment before going to the UK.
United Kingdom move to request for 100,000 skilled workers from Kenya cements the Queen’s land relationship with its former colony. This is not the first time that a developed country like the United Kingdom begs Kenya for skilled workers. In 2019, Canadian Prime Minister begged Uhuru Kenyatta for skilled immigrants but the story was later established to be hoax.



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