Ann Waiguru praises Senate for impeaching Waititu, says it will serve as an example to other corrupt governors

Waiguru praises senate for impeaching Waititu says it will serve as a lesson to other corrupt governors

Kirinyaga governor Ann Waiguru has praised the senate’s decision to impeach Ferdinand Waititu saying it will serve as an example to other corrupt governors.

She lauded the move as a deterrent measure against public officers fond of dipping their fingers in the public cookie jar. Waiguru was full of praise for the Senate saying they finally have the nerve to bite.

“It’s quite encouraging that the fight against corruption is finally paying off. I congratulate the Senate for being resolute in standing with the people of Kenya. Waititu’s impeachment will serve as an example to other corrupt governors who have misappropriated public funds”, she said.

Waiguru however had no kind words for the 12 senators whom she accused of supporting impunity and corruption. She said it was clear for all and sundry to see who is supporting corruption.

“Shame of the 12 senators who opposed the impeachment. That’s tantamount to supporting corruption and Kenyans have seen for themselves the corrupt leaders who are always talking about 2022”, she added.

Waiguru’s remarks can be interpreted as a veiled attack on the Deputy President William Ruto. Only 12 senators allied to DP Ruto voted to save Waititu while 28 unanimously voted in support of impeachment.

Ann Waiguru was adversely mentioned during the NYS 1 scandal where the public is repoted to have lost of Sh. 967 million through dubious and irregularly awarded tenders.



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