Waiguru: We are only using Raila to pass BBI

We are only using Raila Odinga to pass BBI,, Waiguru says
Kirinyaga deputy governor Peter Ndambiri (Left) and governor Ann Waiguru (Second left) during a BBI consultative meeting at Kirinyaga Townhall grounds on Thursday, February 27, 2020. |Photo Courtesy

Kirinyaga governor Ann Waiguru has made startling revelations that may rub Raila Odinga and the ODM party the bitter way.

Waiguru who was speaking during a Kirinyaga BBI mobilization meeting revealed that the house of mumbi (Kikuyu) are using Raila Odinga to pass BBI then dump him in the cold as it has happened before.

The new revelations may not auger well with the ODM party and Raila Odinga in particular who all along has been made to believe that the Waiguru and her Kieleweke group were sincere in their support.

While acknowledging that the Mt. Kenya promised William Ruto 10 years, Waiguru told the residents that there comes a time the region should think of themselves first so as not to be left out of the next government.

Waiguru noted that Raila Odinga enjoys support in major oppostion counties and it will not be easy to pass the BBI without his support.

“All we want from Raila is for him to give us One Man, One Vote. Because he holds the entire country we have to be… We are only using Raila to pass BBI”, she said.

“I have been to Kisii and Kisumu, it is one block, they do what he says.

I went to Kakamega and Mombasa and he controls that too. Even if you say you do not love Raila, will you pass BBI without him? Without the people he controls? Will you achieve what you want as Kikuyus without him?” she added.

Using the analogy of a failed marriage, Waiguru said Mt. Kenya relationship with Ruto is over not because they no longer love ‘her as a wife’ but because the marriage was no longer tenable in the face of Mt. Kenya’s new ambitions for a stake in the next government.

“We are not saying we did not say Yangu kumi na yako kumi – we said it with good intentions.

So even if we love Ruto and he loves us, and we love him so deeply, if he cannot deliver One man, One Vote, One shilling, we have to say Let us help ourselves first”, she said.

Kirinyaga BBI mobilization meeting was boycotted by all MPs, senator, women rep, and MCAs who accused Waiguru of single-handedly organizing the event and drafting proposals to be presented during Meru BBI rally this weeked.

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The jostling for Mt. Kenya support has become the center of duel between DP Ruto and the opposition leader Raila Odinga. While Ruto enjoys massive support, Raila has been trying to use the handshake to make inroads into the populous-vote rich region.



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