Waititu blames Raila for his ouster, says he bribed Uhuru allied Senators

Waititu blames Raila for his ouster, says he bribed Uhuru allied Senators
Former Kiambu governor Ferdinand Waititu

Embattled former Kiambu governor Ferdinand Waititu has blamed Raila for his ouster saying he bribed Uhuru allied senators to support the motion. Waititu famously known has Baba Yao had his dice cast yesterday by senators in an impeachment proceedings that sealed his fate with 28 senators voting in favor of his impeachment and 12 voting against.

Speaking after his impeachment, Waititu blamed Raila saying was privy to information that money exchange hands for the senators to upheld his impeachment. Waititu says he will be moving to the High courts to challenge the proceedings saying that the the process starting from the county assembly to the senate was unconstitutional. The senate according to Waititu acted on the motion by county assembly 28 later whereas the constitution provides that an impeachment motion should be considered within 14 days.

“I am aware that Raila Odinga bribed some senators to impeached me. I did not get justice today since the process was flawed. I will be moving to the High to challenge this illegality that has been meted on the people of Kiambu”. said Baba Yao.

The impeachment proceeding laid bare the differences between TangaTanga and Kieleweke groups. Not even his tribesmen from Mt. Kenya could save him in the hour of need. A number of senators from Mt. Kenya region had publicly stated they will support his impeachment to serve as a warning to other corrupt governors.

The spirited fight by TangaTanga allied senators was in vain as they could not marshal the required threshold to save the embattled politician. Baba Yao was convicted on all counts labelled against him by the county assembly. Waititu becomes the second governor to be successfully impeached by the Senate. Embu governor Martin Wambora- a man said to have nine lives like a cat– was impeached by the senate but acquitted by the courts.

With Baba Yao’s goose cooked, attention now turns to Nairobi governor Mike Sonko as the city assembly also mulls to impeach him.



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