Waititu eyes Nyandarua County gubernatorial races

Waititu eyes Nyandarua governor race in 2022
Ferdinand Waititu

Impeached Kiambu governor has set his eyes on Nyandarau county as his next destination for gubernatorial position. Ferdinand Waititu is a man known not to shy away from controversy and has won every political duel he has faced. Even before the impeachment ink drys, Waititu has declared he will vie for Nyandarua governoship race in 2022. Write him off at your own risk.
If he makes good his intentions, Waititu will be vying against the current governor Francis Kimemia. Waititu’s decision to vie in the Nyanduarua governorship races brings to the fore his inherent political migratory nature which has come to define his political life. The man who honed his political skills as a former deputy mayor and a Councillor with the defunct Nairobi City Council, went on to represent the people of Embakasi and later Kabete as the member of parliament.

He shifted from Nairobi to Kabete after he failed to clinch the hotly contested 2013 Nairobi gubernatoria racel by a whisker losing to Evans Kidero of ODM.
Many who dismissed Waititu when he vied for the Kabete Parliamentary race laughed off when he declared interest for Kiambu gubernatorial seat to challenge the then incumbent William Kabogo. Considered a non-starter, uneducated and uncivilized, Waititu beat all odds to win the 2017 Kiambu gubernatorial race by a landslide beating his fiercest competitor William Kabogo by a big margin.

Waititu’s impeachment offers him yet another soft springboard as he seeks to make a comeback in politics. It’s not yet known , how and why he considered Nyandurua his favorite destination but word has it that the controversial politician has his roots deep in the slopes of Aberdares. Waititu has sinced moved to the High court to challenge his impeachment.
Waititu’s intention to vie in Nyandarua will rattle the incumbent governor Francis Kimemia who is eyeing a second term. The two are fierce protagonist in different political camps.



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