We want our Rungu back, Nandi family ask Moi

Return our rungu, elders demand

A group of elders from Nandi Kaburwo have asked the Moi family return back the famous rungu that they gave to Moi several years back.

The rungu was bequeathed to the late Mzee Moi in 1981 and he used it to steadily lead the country for 24 years.

For the 24 years, the rungu literary remained glued in his right hand and at night he placed it by the table adjacent to the bedside lamp.

Yesterday, the Moi family though Raymond Moi handed the rungu to Gideon Moi as the heir apparent to the political thrown.

Gideon Moi is expected to challenge for Presidency in 2022.

However, even before Gideon could feel the touch of his father’s rungu or perhaps sip the leadership charm wrapped beneath the rounded-head, Mzee Stefano Marindany from Sangalo in Nandi has demanded the rungu be returned to the family.

According to Mzee Marindany, the rungu was bequeathed to Mzee after the initial one he had broke.

During the incident in 1981, as narrated by Lee Njiru, Moi’s rungu broke while in New York as he prepared to leave for Melbourne, Australia for a commonwealth Heads of Government meeting.

According to Lee Njiru –Moi’s long serving private secretary– a quick solution had to be devised since Moi could not appear in public without his rungu which he considered a mark of authority.

“We had to find a solution quickly,” recalls Njiru saying calls were made to Nairobi for a new rungu to be flown to Australia.
While the flown rungu did not meet Moi’s specifications, it served the purpose albeit for the Australian trip.

It’s upon return to Kenya a few days later that Mzee Marindany recalls that his father together with a group of elders, bequeathed Mzee Moi a new rungu at Kabarak.

Marindany was joined by a group of elders in demanding the rungu back saying traditionally, the rungu should be return back to the elders who will then decide who to bequeath next.



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