Revealed: Why judge Onyiego refused to swear in James Nyoro as Kiambu governor

Why judge refused to swear in James Nyoro as governor Kiambu

The much anticipated swearing in ceremony for Kiambu deputy governor Dr. James Nyoro as the substantive governor aborted this morning in the last minute despite everything being put in place. This is after the High court judge refused to swear Nyoro as the third governor of Kiambu.

Although there is no official communication from the Judiciary, its reported that the third arm of government back out of the planned swearing in ceremony after a a series of interference from powerful figures in government.

Judiciary had designated High Court Judge, John Onyiego to preside over the swearing in ceremony. However, the judge declined to officiate the swearing ceremony saying due process was not been followed. Justice Onyiego brushed off spirited attempts by the county commissioner and the entire security team that demanded that he swear in the deputy governor with immediate effect.The judge is said to have stood his ground saying due process must be followed. The county commissioner was reportedly acting under instruction from powerful figures within the security sector.

The news of the aborted swearing in came as a surprise to hundreds of Nyoro’s supporters who had thronged the venue of the sweating in at Kiambu county officers. When Nyoro announced that the swearing in ceremony had be postponed to a later date, the supporters matched to Kiambu law courts ostensibly to register their displeasure. They also accused the judge for refusing to swear in the governor as stipulated by law.

The speed at which the process was rushed is said to have caught the attention of Chief Justice David Maraga who ordered the process stopped. While he did not want to be seen as interfering with the process, Maraga did not want the judiciary to be exposed to ridicule as having officiated a flawed process.

Waititu’s illustrious career as a politician came to a sad ending yesterday when senators upheld a motion by Kiambu county assembly to impeached Waititu for gross misconduct, abuse of office, and corrupt charges. The postponement may give the embattled governor time to seek an injunction against the swearing in.



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