Why Matiang’i is a worried man as powerful businessmen from Mt.Kenya advise Uhuru to sack him

Uhuru urged to sack Fred Matiang'i
Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang'i

A group of powerful individuals and businessmen from Mt. Kenya have advised President Uhuru to sack Matiang’i as Cabinet Secretary.

The group which pulls the strings under the table like a puppet controlling the course of politics in Kenya, are said to have advised the President to sack the embattled Interior CS since he is causing more harm than good.

Sources indicate that the recent bile and backlash Uhuru has been receiving is because of Matiang’i’s abrasive and dictatorial attitude which is hurting the President’s public image.

“Matiang’i has been exuding so much power as if he is the President. That is very dangerous to have a security minister who thinks he is bigger than his boss”, said as source.

Matiang’i has also be accused of leaking some of Kenyatta family secrets to the opposition who in turn leak to the media. At one point, Mama Ngina was so mad with Matiang’i that a family meeting had to be convened within a snap of a finger. The meeting went late into the night and Uhuru was put to task over his commitment to protect the family’s wealth.

Mama Ngina is said to have been incensed with Matiang’is roll in the BBI and she had all the reasons to believe the agitation for land injustices in the Mombasa rally had his footprints.

But the last straw that would break Matiangi’s back was the manner in which he handled the funeral preparations of Mzee Moi, which led to the summoning to State House by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

You can read Drama at Parliament as Matiangi is blocked by military, ordered to follow protocol in case you missed the story on his altercation with military that saw him blocked by military personnel.

Matiangi was also on the receiving end during the funeral plans of Mzee Moi. Matiang’i is said to have instructed Rift Valley Regional Coordinator George Natembeya to include him as speaker in the burial program but was told off by top military generals and told to keep off the burial plans and keep politics out of it.

Natembeya had made several frantic attempts for his boss to be given a prominent role in the burial plans. Matiang’is idea was for DP Ruto to be eclipsed in eulogizing Moi and Raila would invite the President to speak. But the no-nonsense military generals told Natembeya and Matiang’i to keep off.

The events of the past few weeks has made Matiang’i a worried man, or on the outside an humble man. Matiang’i is now a pale of his former self-worried, dejected and a man who seem to be fighting with his one shadows. They say never get too close to power, it will burn you, and don’t be far away either.



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